April 2, 2009

It All Falls Apart

Ever have one of those weeks? I have. This week. My computer desk is falling apart, bit by bit. Argh. It was donated to me by a friend of my mother's. She bought herself a new computer for Christmas, and her husband bought her a new desk to go with it, so she donated the old computer—as loud as a tugboat, that thing—and the corner desk too. The computer's in the closet with about a half dozen other ones I've been given over the last couple years, all waiting to be refurbished or donated to the local recycling depot. The desk looked very usable though, so I set it up in my bedroom, which was the only room in the house it seemed to fit.

Now, though, the thing is started to fall apart. The first bit to go was a hinge for a little cupboard—no big deal. Then, the metal bits holding the two major pieces together—a seem runs along the corner to make the two sides a right angle—fell out and won't stay in any longer. So, the thing is defying gravity through sheer will at this point. Now, the rolling keyboard tray has dropped out, nearly taking one of my toes in the process, and won't slide back into the rails or whatever you call them.

At the rate it's collapsing, I'll wake up in a couple of weeks to see a random pile of cheap, Ikea-esque wood lying in a pile in the corner, with my computer sprawled atop it like a Gaza civilian casualty.

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