April 23, 2009

How Many Zeros Is That?!

Yesterday, as I was checking out a couple of blogs, I came upon Helen Ginger's blog, Straight From Hel, and read something she picked up from the Wall Street Journal. A wine retailer from New Jersey has signed a ten-book deal with Harper Studio worth seven figures. He's not a writer, and isn't much of a reader. So, how'd he get such a huge payday? Twitter.

Oh. My. Lord.

The guy started a video blog on Twitter, chronicling his wine practices, and it turned into a self-help phenomenon with nearly 150,000 followers. After meeting with the Harper Studio big-wigs, he had them eating from his palm. And, the millions he will make up front is potentially nothing compared to what he will make in the long term, as he is going to take home half of the revenue from the books sold.

I'm not sure if I'm elated for the guy or insanely jealous. Can I be both?

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