April 18, 2009

Hey, Four Eyes!

I can barely keep my head on straight some days, and now I'm told I need to wear glasses. Great.

I had an eye exam this week, finally, after months of putting it off and suffering through less than spectacular vision. I'm not in Mr. Magoo territory, mind you, but I think all these years of staring into a computer monitor have caught up with me.

My first hint came when I worked on someone's computer and used that magnifying button on the side of the mouse. I was no eagle-eye in my life, but I used to be able to pick out an object from quite a distance while traversing the woods. Nowadays, I'm bleary eyed at times just looking at road signs. Not great.

So, now I need to save some dough and get some frames. Yahoo. Oh well, I guess it'll just end up being my way of helping to stimulate the economy.

Damn you, carrots. You didn't help at all. From now on, a pox on orange vegetables.

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