April 30, 2009

Esquire Fiction

I was skulking through the blogosphere on Wednesday, soaking up a rare day in the computer lab at the local C@P site, when I happened upon a little post with the words "Short Story Contest" in the heading. That caught my eye in a flash. So, I clicked on it to end up at Finding Neverland: The Writing YA Weblog.

They caught wind from Powell's Book News that Esquire is holding a short story contest right now for the new fiction section on their website. You can click HERE to check it out. I for one look forward to crafting some kind of story to send to them. It's just a shame that all submitted stories instantly become the property of the contest's sponsor—if it didn't win, I'd have liked the option to submit the story elsewhere under a different title. Then again, I guess that's to be expected since one of the criteria for the contest is the title must be one of three choices put out by Esquire.

The story titles are: 1) Twenty-Ten; 2) An Insurrection; 3) Never, Ever Bring That Up Again.

A date, a thing, and a statement, as it was laid out. Just pick any title you want and write a story of no more than 4,000 words. And, hey, if writing a story which could potentially win and be published by Esquire isn't enough to get all you writers interested, maybe the grand prize of $2,500 US will.

Good luck, everybody.

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