April 27, 2009

Entering Some More Book Contests

I've downloaded everything I need for the week, though I still need to send off a short story this week I have been refining. Fingers crossed there.

Over at The Epic Rat, there's a contest for a trio of books by Lisa Shearin (click here to read). I'm unfamiliar with the author, but the trilogy of stories looks interesting. Thanks to Cassandra Clare and Jaye Wells getting me into the urban fantasy style of books, I think these Shearin books could prove to be a good read as well.

There's another huge giveaway contest over at Steph Su Reads. I discovered this one thanks to Laina's Book Contest Links. Her site is a keeper for my blogroll now. :) The contest is open worldwide, so there's no harm in taking a peek.

Another contest is over at Mrs. Magoo Reads, here. There's a chance to win a book from a choice of three. I'd be torn between The Graveyard Book and The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I've heard about both of these and they each sound fantastic.

And, finally, there's a contest happening at Bitten By Books. There's an interview with author, Maria V. Snyder, about her new novel, Storm Glass. A guy could get used to reading literature aimed at teen girls, though I think I may end up on some kind of FBI watch list if I read too much of it. :)


  1. With more and more authors doing blog book tours or other online promotions, there are more ways to win books and meet authors. Yay!


  2. Ain't that the truth. I could become a contest addict, easy, if I don't watch myself. :)