March 27, 2009

Reading Material

Right now, on my book shelf, I have a collection of unread novels—a few non-fiction titles too—sitting there, waiting to be read, and is teetering somewhere in the range of one hundred titles. I'm not a speedy reader, so I must plod through them at a rate of about two each week. If it's a short read, like an Elmore Leonard title or a hefty novella, I can buzz through in a day or two. The beefier epics like The Stand and Man in Full take over a week. And, it's a little impressive to a cheapskate like me to have spent such a very small amount of money to collect these books, thanks to discovering used bookstores and library sales. If not for them, I'd be forced to read the hand-me-downs given to me by friends and family, the likes of which are not often my cup of tea.

And, despite the plethora of reading material at my disposal nowadays, I still love scouring the aisles to see what gem I might find to add to my to-be-read pile. Friends, family, and online contacts are always recommending books, plus I see the occasional book advertised on television, or hear an author interview on the radio. So, even though I have enough literature in my possession presently to keep even the most voracious reader contented, I am always on the look out for another book to snag on the cheap.

Oh well, it's in my nature now to Easter egg hunt my books rather than just hit up Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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