March 29, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I'm really a fan of the rain, and spring in general. I'd be happy if it kept raining until every speck of snow is melted and sluicing it's way into the river. Good riddance.

One thing this spring weather does to me without fail is induce cabin fever. After being packed inside like sardine through the winter months, I'm eager to walk outside without copious layers over my ample frame. It's time to "get the stink off", as my grandmother might have said. You really get a sense of how stale the air inside the house really is when you open a window to a soft, warm breeze.

The downside? Bugs. They're not here yet, but they're coming. Like a looming cloud, I sense the impending return of the mosquito, the blackfly, and the bane of my rural existence, the moosefly. If there is a pest I absolutely loathe while trekking in the woods, it's the moosefly.

Oh, and the tick. An insect whose very existence screams to the world that there is no God. Every creature on the planet has it's place in nature, but the tick is an abomination. Species upon species go extinct every year, and I will rejoice when it is the tick's turn to be expunged from the biosphere.

But, I'm still loving spring.

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