March 26, 2009

Power Outage

Apparently, the power was knocked out through most of the valley this afternoon. I missed much of it since I was on the road scouring bookstores. I remembered to print off my wish list before leaving this time. Hooray for me.

I added some more credit thanks to a small pile of paperbacks from an aunt. I'm not likely to read Nora Roberts or Jackie Collins (Is that her last name? The romance writer?) any time soon—to each their own. Unfortunately, it will have to remain credit for a while longer, as I couldn't pick out any titles to grab. I've made impulsive choices in bookstores before, gobbling up precious credit each time, only to regret ever picking those titles in the first place after reading the first few pages. So, discretion was the better part of valor and I left for the "real" bookstore to see what I could see.

I'm not sure how hard the recession is hitting people around these parts, but the mall was the busiest I've ever seen it on a weekday in quite some time. Quite a few meandering the aisles of the bookstore too. Nice to see.

Me, I had my list in hand and commenced browsing. To buy a book brand new with my hard earned pennies, it needs to be one I am highly unlikely to find in any of my local haunts. I bought Elmore Leonard's Up In Honey's Room back in January due to the sheer rarity of seeing one of his titles on a shelf that isn't Be Cool—I'm still scarred from watching the film adaptation of Be Cool, so I always avoid it. I finished out Stephen King's Dark Tower series by buying books V, VI, and VII when I saw them in the bargain bin of the "real" bookstore. People are always trading in the first three books in the series, but you're better off searching for sunken treasure than finding one of the later books.

I had hoped to see more titles on the shelves from my wish list, but was surprised to see there were very few. I saw no sign of Pat Barker, Brian Keene, Ian McEwan, or Charlaine Harris. But, I did manage to settle on buying Janet Evanovich's One for the Money. A couple of people have mentioned how much they love the Stephanie Plum series, that title will be my official foray into reading her work. It sounds promising at any rate, and it's one less title on my wish list.

Now, all I need to do is eventually find the rest on this list. No rush. I have a fire hazard's worth of novels sitting on my shelf just waiting to be read.

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