March 4, 2009

The First Wag

This doesn't seem to be the greatest time to be an aspiring author. At least, in the traditional sense of the term. Publishers, agents, and every "power that be" is circling the wagons it seems. Unless you already have a foot in the door, it feels like you should be prepared to remain on the outside looking in. Well, that's been a recurring theme in my life, so it's easy enough to get used to.

I'm stubborn though. And I'm still learning the craft.

I can't even remember with any clarity what prompted me to start writing again in the first place (I spent nearly ten years after high school writing little more than shopping lists). What I do remember is that without writing, I didn't really have an outlet through which to express myself. I'm a shy guy, so public speaking isn't in the cards for me, or any other venue requiring a want for the spotlight at center stage. So, I write. It all started off with a ghost story, which swelled into a full-length horror novel. Now, my goals are to refine it into something I feel confident in submitting to agents and publishers, and getting to work on even more stories. I may never see my name in print, but if I was writing solely for the money, fame, and accolades then I would be wasting my time. I write for me.

As one more way for me to keep a routine going with my writing, I've started this blog. I've done a couple in the past. Well, I've started a couple, but each one lost steam and I let them rot. I've made a promise to myself though to keep this one going. It may not be pretty in the early going, and it may shift focus more often than not, but so long as I'm writing something I can take pride in myself. If only just a little bit.

Fingers crossed.



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