March 9, 2009


I just got done watching a great documentary on TVO called "Curmudgeon" about all the malcontent critics, comics, and writers out there. God, that hit home. Sad, huh? There was something, however, that gave me a little bit of solace—misery loves company, eh—in knowing there are people in the world who recognize the epidemic of bullshit going through our culture. Granted, I'm not as pissed off as most of the people highlighted, but maybe that's because I allow myself my own healthy degree of ignorance and blissful blind-eye-ism.

A good example of that might be my addiction to television. I don't watch a lot of it these days, but when you take into consideration the ungodly amount of schlock aired each and every day, there really isn't a valid reason for anyone to watch television anymore. There are still a few shows I enjoy though, like "Lost" and "Family Guy". There's "Heroes" and "Supernatural" as well. I try to watch "The Daily Show" whenever I can, and I even watch an animé show called "Bleach" from time to time. These are about the only shows still airing new episodes I can be bothered to watch on a regular basis.

As an aspiring writer, I shouldn't even be watching as much television as I presently do. It is, however, a helluva lot less than I used to watch in years past. I used to be able to waste time staring at the tube for hours at night, without a genuine care for what was on. If friends and family were watching something terrible, I'd sit and watch it with them half the time—kind of like an addict who forgot why he started the habit in the first place. I've weened myself back, but there are still those few shows I actually look forward to seeing. But, if I ever did put a shotgun shell through my television screen, I know deep down I wouldn't miss those shows very much.

Television really does placate the masses, which I find ironic given the amount of garbage people willfully sit down to watch week in and week out. I suppose if we didn't do that though, we would just Skype and text each other constantly as a way to feel like we're on television ourselves. A population of TV addicts with the technology now to act as our own celebrities for friends and strangers alike. Who needs that? Let's just keep watching "Survivor" and "The Apprentice" and "Rock of Love" and stay away from the few sane people remaining on the planet.

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