March 18, 2009

Cabin Fever

Spring is in the air and I needed to soak up the 10C weather while it lasted. Canadian weather is like playing Keno; you have no idea what the numbers are going to be. I figured I would scoop up a few of my paperbacks, which I've either read or given up on, and take them down to the local used book store.

God bless these establishments. They're one of the pearls to any small town, even a big town. I have a wish list a mile long, and the chances of finding one of the titles in any of the used book stores within driving distance are iffy, but it's all worth while when I find one of those books I've been searching for for months and months.

That's how I felt when I finally stumbled across Timothy Findley's Not Welcome on the Voyage. I had been searching the book ever since it was listed as one of the five books on CBC Radio's "Canada Reads" special last year. The special aired in February and I finally spotted the book―the only one of the five books on Canada Reads I could find―tucked in a nook in the Canadian Authors section. Never mind the fact I was a little disappointed with the story once I finally read it, after listening to it hyped so eloquently on radio. I found it and it felt great doing so.

Now if I could only find Richard Matheson's Hell House, which is one I've keeping an eye out for over the last two years, I'd be a happy camper.

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